Nexas hardware keeps you connected to all of your machines whether you need Serial, Ethernet or Wireless capabilities. We provide quality products with competitive pricing from third party vendors such as Moxa and Comtrol as well as our own in-house hardware such as the ORiON™ CNC Productivity Hub . Our specialists will work with you to determine which hardware will be most efficient and cost-effective for your shop. Below are just a few samples of our most popular hardware, for orders or inquiries about other products please Contact Us.

CNC Productivity Hub

Intelligent processing of DNC and Machine Data.



• Patent-Pending Mapped-Drive DNC Link™ technology

• Supports DNC, OEE, Machine Event Monitoring, Inspection Data Gathering, Tool Life Monitoring and more

• Optionally outputs Machine Data in the MTConnect® format

• Windows CE™ architecture allows easy firmware updates and protects your investment over time

• 10/100 LAN and WiFi Connectivity

• Physical configuration supports optional full keyboard and full screen display

• USB and RS232 support for bar code readers

• Up to 32 Gig local memory with DNC storage and File Server style "Drip Feed" capability


Ethernet to Serial Hubs

The DeviceMaster Series is designed for network-enabling serial communications devices.




• No serial cable distance limitations

• RS-232 software selectable interfaces

• Application compatibility via Windows and Linux certified drivers

• Dual Ethernet ports for daisy-chaining devices

• PortVision DX

• Built-in two-port 10/100 Ethernet

• SSL & SSH management, SSL serial data stream encryption

• IPv6 support

• Real-time email event notification

Wireless Serial Device Servers

NPort Series

The NPort Series are the ideal choice for connecting your serial or Ethernet devices, such as PLCs, meters and sensors, to a wireless LAN. Requiring fewer cables, these Wireless Serial Device Servers are ideal for applications that involve difficult wiring situations.

Serial Cables

DB9F-DB25M RS232 Cable

Our high quality serial cables are designed for long-lasting integrity. Each one is fully molded and foil shielded for EMI/RFI protection. Please contact us for custom cable options.

Status Relay Controller


Used with our DataXchange Machine Monitoring package, the Status Relay Controller is a mini PLC programmed to provide data collection for machines that do not support the MTConnect or Fanuc FOCAS protocols. A must for anyone looking to monitor their legacy machines with DataXchange.

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