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Make your shop more productive with a variety of best in class products from Nexas. Our solutions include products from our own development team like the ORiON CNC Productivity Hub, and software solutions from industry leading developers like Predator. We help you find the best solution for your needs, then help maximize your benefits with world-class installation, training and support. Click below to learn more.


Nexas hardware keeps you connected to all of your machines whether you need Serial, Ethernet or Wireless capabilities. We provide quality products with competitive pricing from third party vendors such as Moxa and Comtrol as well as our own in-house hardware such as the ORiON™ CNC Productivity Hub . Click here to learn more.

ORiON CNC Productivity Hub

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MTConnect® is the communication standard of choice for manufacturing. This is why our products are 100% MTConnect® compliant.



The MTConnect® standard enables manufacturing equipment to provide data in structured XML rather than proprietary formats. Having uniform data opens up a world of new applications for industry. MTConnect® data sources include things like production equipment, sensor packages, and other hardware. Applications using MTConnect® data provide more efficient operations, improved production optimization, and increased productivity.


Fusion Production Document Organizer is a cutting edge Production Document Management (PDM) System with DNC capabilities that gives you quick, easy and intuitive control over all your Production and DNC Data.


Using SQL Server database technology and a naturally organized user interface, Fusion helps you:


•  Facilitate effective document management for any size facility

•  Avoid costly revision mistakes

•  Support ISO and AS9100 compliance

•  Add Next-Gen DNC™ capability to virtually any existing DNC system providing

DNC audit trails, enhanced incoming file management and user-definable email alerts


DataXchange is a Cloud and On-Premise machine monitoring system that increases overall equipment effectiveness and shop floor productivity.


DataXchange™ is compatible with a wide variety of machines including CNC’s, PLC’s, welders, and manual machines. Managers and operators can create custom shop floor data entry rules to automatically collect shop floor data from a wired or wireless connection on MTConnect & Fanuc FOCAS based machines as well as older manual machines. As the machine data is collected, DataXchange™ has all the OEE reports, charts, dashboards and notifications you need to analyze the information in a meaningful way. The features and benefits of DataXchange™ make it a machine monitoring system that meets the manufacturing data collection needs of small facilities as well as large multi-site enterprise level operations.


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